Hi, I'm Loren.

I created this space to express a small slice of my personality that does not come across on other social networks.

Currently I'm a software engineer working to realize a vision of a world where our interactions with government are delightful and we are confident in government’s ability to achieve the goals we set for it. I am part of a team working on healthcare.gov, and the experience has inspired me to create software that radically improves how government serves people.

Three of the biggest issues the country (and world) face today are climate change, education reform, and healthcare reform. It will take a lot of understanding, open-mindedness, thinking, feeling, and time to tackle the problems we face in each of these areas. I am excited to see how we tackle these challenges and what we bring to the future.

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Everyday is a chance to get better

I am passionate about creating things. I see the beauty and creativity in the visual arts, music, dance, mathematics, design, and engineering. Personally, I love to draw, paint, play the acoustic guitar, sing, swing dance, waltz, breakdance, do math, design interactions and experiences, and, of course, build software.

I believe in the growth mindset. Every one of us can change ourselves. And collectively, we can change the world.

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Today is the day